Telegram sticker size

 Do you want to create stickers for telegram? : Telegram sticker size

Good! It's better if you know the size of the telegram sticker before you start creating the Telegram sticker size: Telegram's recommended size is 512×512 pixels.

Telegram is a messaging app that is on the rise. Telegram was developed by two brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov from Russia. The application is based on cloud technology that focuses on speed and security. Interestingly, Telegram is released for free and open source.

As with other messaging apps like WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, and so on, Telegram is also capable of sending photos, documents, voice messages, and videos. Another cool feature is the secret conversation feature, where users can exchange messages that can then be automatically deleted.

Telegram sticker size
Telegram sticker size

Telegram stickers dimensions

Recently, on Maret 7, 2021, Telegram released a feature that supports Telegram sticker size. Telegram has provided ready-made stickers by taking famous figures, which when this writing is made, there are 14 stickers to choose from.

However, apparently, we can make this sticker ourselves. Thanks to webp technology developed by Google. WebP format is a new image format that supports lossy technology (images are compressed until the quality is slightly decreased) and loseles (images are compressed without compromising image quality). This WebP technology is still being Telegram sticker size developed.

Create a Custom Sticker, Telegram's recommended size is 512×512 pixels

Sticker display in Telegram

  • Well, now let's create our own sticker to share on Telegram. It's pretty easy. In this article, I took a photo to be used as a sticker.

  • First, prepare the photo that will be used as a sticker. Then open your favorite photo editing app. Here, I use Pixlr Editor, a web-based photo editing app that's quite powerful and similar to Adobe Photoshop.

  • I edited the photo to remove the annoying background image. I intentionally made the background transparent. Then, save the photo in PNG format that supports transparent images.

Telegram's recommended size is 512×512 pixels

But we can use any size, can be portrait (upright) or landscape (horizontal). But we recommend that the image has a maximum width of 512 pixels so that the sticker can look more beautiful.

Once the PNG image is saved, it's time to convert the image to WebP. I use Online Convert to do this task. Simply upload the image you want to convert and press the Convert File button and the image will change its format to WebP.

How can I make stickers for telegram?

To send stickers, use the web version of Telegram. Then select send document (choose document format, not photo). Voila, a sticker immediately appeared!

If you forward the Telegram sticker size, it will be stored in our sticker list, so we can easily send it back.

How can I get a sticker link in telegram?

Easy, isn't it? To try, please download the sticker that I have created below, then send it via Telegram.

I also created and collected some Indonesian celebrity stickers. Please check on Github. snapchat sticker size

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