Things to Put on Popcorn

The day I discovered that Things to put on popcorn is an entire grain was a quite large day. Out of nowhere, my #1 thoughtless chomping nibble was a sound one, and how about we simply say I ate a great deal of popcorn after that revelation. In any case, while many locally acquired enhanced popcorns are stacked with margarine and sugar, you can make your own hand-crafted popcorn preparing at home that is better (and less expensive!) than the locally acquired stuff. 

Here are a couple of approaches to make the flavors truly adhere to the popcorn. I generally prefer to splash the popcorn gently with either flavorless or olive oil (depending on the off chance that I need the olive flavor to radiate through, as in the appetizing flavoring plans). Things to put on popcorn splash or shower the oil over the popcorn and throw to cover the entire clump. At that point sprinkle on your flavoring and throw again for uniformly covered popcorn. 

Another approach to guarantee your flavors stick is to trade out standard sugar for powdered sugar in the sweet plans. This light sugar will cover every piece without all sinking to the base. Prepared to get popping?

Things to put on popcorn. Because popcorn tastes good when given melted butter or high-calorie caramel. 

Things to Put on Popcorn
Things to Put on Popcorn

To be healthier, the selection of popcorn toppings must also be careful. Popcorn actually includes a fairly healthy snack. Only about 60 calories in 15 gr of fresh popcorn give 10 percent of the daily fiber value. To make the popcorn healthier, try the following toppings:

Matcha, Things to put on popcorn

The addition of matcha makes the colored popcorn brighter and energized. This antioxidant-rich green tea powder makes the taste of popcorn even more unique. Try adding a spoonful of matcha to the popcorn.

Turmeric, Things to put on popcorn

Surely it's strange to imagine turmeric being a sprinkling of popcorn. In addition to giving a light color, the taste of popcorn is also bolder. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory functions. Try adding a little turmeric to plain popcorn.

Cinnamon, Things to put on popcorn

For sweet lovers, it is certainly difficult to leave caramelized popcorn. Try replacing the popcorn topping with a mixture of coconut oil and cinnamon. Melt a little coconut oil then sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Almond milk, Things to put on popcorn

Almond milk is now increasingly in demand for followers of healthy lifestyles. When you like experimenting, add cold almond milk into the popcorn. Then sprinkle a little cinnamon. It tastes no less good with cereal. 

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