How to find stickers on telegram

Are you the type of person who always displays stickers in messages you send? If so, you should try using the Telegram chat app. How to find stickers on telegram. Because in the Telegram app, you can get the latest and funny stickers without downloading or using other apps


How to find stickers on telegram To display the latest and funny stickers in the Telegram app, you must first visit the Telegram Stickers Catalogue. As the name suggests, Telegram Stickers Catalogue contains thousands of stickers that will surely continue to grow in the future. Here, you can easily search, save, and send stickers in the Telegram app.

There is a large selection of sticker themes available in this Telegram Stickers Catalogue. And each sticker will be in the form of a package that contains several different stickers looks. And interestingly, you don't need to download sticker packs first to see how to find stickers on telegram the stickers look. You can search and select stickers before downloading them.

TUTORIAL How to find stickers on telegram

  1. Just open the Telegram app, and click the Search Icon to display the search box. In the searching, box types the keyword sticker and select the channel named Stickers Pack.

  2. Go to the stickers pack channel, and click the link here that is in the chat welcome channel. Then a text box will appear containing the URL address of the telegram stickers catalogue, click open.

  3. Now, the Telegram Stickers Catalogue is open. Here there are a total of 658578 sticker packs that can be used and the number will definitely continue to grow. Click Latest to see the latest stickers. Click Trending to see the most used stickers.

  4. Click the Top 30 to see the 30 most used stickers. Or, type a sticker keyword in the search column to search for more stickers. Select the stickers you want to add to Telegram and click the folder icon to see all the appearances of the selected stickers. Click the send icon to send stickers to the Telegram app.

  5. The last thing you need to do is click Add 24 Stickers to save the sticker to the Telegram app. Done, the stickers are saved and ready to use. Perform similar steps as above to display other stickers.

How to find stickers on telegram
How to find stickers on telegram

Conclusion: How to find stickers on telegram

With this Telegram Stickers Catalogue, Telegram users no longer have to bother searching for stickers in other apps or displaying stickers on Telegram with the help of other additional apps. Not to mention, there is a large selection of stickers in the Telegram Sticker Catalogue that you can choose from and use for free.

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