How to get Stickers on Telegram

how to get stickers on telegram
how to get stickers on telegram

How to get stickers on telegram

Download stickers through sticker trends on Telegram

Open your Telegram app, then select the three-striped icon on the top left to display the menu.

Then you select "Chat settings"

Next, you select "Sticker and mask" at the very bottom.

Once it appears as shown, select "Trend Sticker" to open the sticker trend on Telegram

Well, until here you can already see a variety of sticker options that are trending in Telegram. You can choose one and "Add" to install the sticker.

The image below is the view that the sticker of your choice has been successfully installed.

Now you've got one of the sticker trends on Telegram. You can already use the sticker. If you want another sticker, you just have to repeat the above method.

Second STEP

Download stickers through groups or channels, how to get stickers on telegram

  1. Open your Telegram app and select one of your groups or channels.

    You can find the sticker you want there. Of the many conversations in the group, there must be some members of the group who send stickers for their conversations.

    You can choose one of the stickers that you find interesting. Just click on the sticker image you want.

  2. Then later will appear 1 set of stickers that usually consist of dozens of expressions. If you want it, please click "Add Sticker" to install it

  3. I gave one more example of a sticker that is considered unique. Then you just click the image to open 1 sets of stickers with various expressions

  4. Well, you've seen the one 1set of stickers you selected earlier, please select "Add Stickers" if you want.


Download stickers through the website, how to get stickers on telegram

Before doing so, you should make sure that you are logged in to your Telegram. If you are already logged in, please open your mobile browser and type the URL and open the website

Once inside the site, you'll find a wide variety of stickers ready for you to download. Select one of them, then just click on the sticker title to open it.

How to get telegram stickers in WhatsApp

Next, you look at the bottom of the sticker. There is a link address to your Telegram account to install. Please click the link, it will automatically open your Telegram app.

The picture below is the display of 1 set of stickers that had previously been selected on the website. If you like and are interested in the sticker, please select "Add Sticker" to install it.

Repeat the above method if you want to install many stickers through the website

Conclusion of how to get stickers on telegram:

  • Three ways to download stickers on Telegram I've explained. Now you understand how to add a collection of stickers on your Telegram, right?

  • Now you can express your feelings through cute stickers with different shapes and themes.

  • There is actually another way you can add to your collection of stickers in Telegram, namely by creating your own stickers on Telegram through the help of bots in Telegram. But it will be explained at a later time.

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